Marmar Chocolates

Logo design, branding, and packaging design for a set of high-end, chic chocolates. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and at home at any museum gift shop, the collection includes three varieties of chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate powder, and chocolate syrup.

Initial research started off with general chocolate research, different and successful chocolate companies, the audience that different kinds of chocolate might have, and a variety of different trends in the chocolate candy space. Ultimately I decided on a direction of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is very good for you in that it contains a larger amount of antioxidant than other chocolate varietals. As it contains a larger percent of cacao, I figured they would cost more money, and that became a large part of my company’s branding: that of a high-end, expensive, special dark chocolates. This is where my idea for MarMar as a company comes from.

After determining the audience and feel of my chocolate company MarMar, I started to think of different directions for branding. I had a couple initial ideas, but I was really quite drawn to the Bauhaus movement as my vehicle for branding a high end, expensive chocolate line. The final result was dark chocolate syrup, dark chocolate powder, a truffle box, and three different chocolate bars that looked refined, high-end, and chic.

Lessons learned:

Research is imperative to knowing your product! Without research, you are just making a product without an audience or goal. By completing the research first, you can thusly inform your designs and make something smarter and more efficient at reaching your target audience.

Proper selection of a vessel for your product is key in packaging design. An important piece of feedback I received was that the dark chocolate syrup bottle looked too much like soap. If I was to iterate on this, that would be a necessary change.

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