Clause Library Microsoft Word Add-in Design

The Goal
Create a Microsoft Office Add-in that would help the Microsoft LCA team manage their clauses easily and effectively as well as share between team members.

The Problem

The LCA team at Microsoft needed a solution to manage a hundreds of clauses that their team uses on a regular basis.

The Team

  • UX Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager

The Tools

  • Balsamiq
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

The Discovery
We first began talking to our users to get a better understanding of their pain points and needs for this project. The LCA team writes many legal documents in Microsoft Word that are often using clauses that can be used in different documents. Before we made our app, the users had to access other documents that had a clause they wanted to reuse, and copy and paste it into their document. This was incredibly inefficient, and didn’t allow for consistency and sharing around of the clauses by the team. This is where we came up for the idea of the Clause Library.

The Process
Following the discussion with the users, I worked with the client to gather requirements for this app, which we turned into user stories. After prioritizing the user stories with the client, I used an agile design approach where I worked iteratively on wireframes with the client to ensure the design met the needs of his users, before finally applying Microsoft Add-in (app) brand and user experience design standards to make the app fit in with the program it lived in – Microsoft Word. This included the name and icon for the Clause Library app.

The Final Outcome
The Clause Library app has enjoyed great success as a free app in the Microsoft store. We increased the LCA’s team efficiency in writing legal documents by allowing them to reuse clauses more easily as well as share clauses between the team.

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