Logo Design

As the important visual element to a company, having an appropriate logo is essential.

My process for any logo design begins with extensive research not only the company’s audience and goals, but the competition’s as well, to create a more complete and accurate logo. Themes, patterns, and ideas are tabulated before sketching even begins. Being prepared is, I would say, one of the most important aspects of designing a logo – the research will lead to improved ideas and concepts. The fun part of logo design is always the sketching, where I will come up with as many ideas as possible, and refine the ones that show promise. Working with my client, we refine the ideas down to a final selection, and begin bringing in color palette options. I prefer to design my logos to work in black and white first – this leads to stronger, more impactful logo because it is not relying on colors to hold it up. Logo design is one of my most difficult and rewarding type of project that I do, but I also find it to be the most rewarding.

I have designed logos for a variety of clients, from game companies, to farmers markets, to food trucks, events, and horseback riding stables.

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