Mercer Island Farmers Market Website

The Goal
Modernize and improve the user experience of the Mercer Island Farmers Market website in order increase awareness and attendance to the market.

The Problem

The existing website was outdated and didn’t have content that was valuable to people looking for information.

The Team

  • UX Designer (Just me!)

The Tools

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • WordPress

The Discovery
I had been freelancing for the Mercer Island Farmers Market for a couple of years before they approached me to help update their website to be more inline with their brand. Whereas previously I had only worked with their marketing manager, I suddenly had the entire board as my clients. This meant that I had to do a workshop with everyone to make sure they were all on the same page as to what changes they wanted to see happen to their website. I worked with them to determine what they liked and didn’t like, and what content should be featured more prominently, what was missing, and what should be taken away.

The Process
As the content was a key piece of this project, I made sure to carefully use it in my wireframes as we considered the hierarchy and relevancy on each page. As I wireframed the pages, I worked with my clients to make sure each page was working towards their goal of increasing awareness of the market and bringing the brand into the pages. Part of that included the visual design piece, where I used the existing brand styles to make the website feel more inclusive of it. Once the final design had been signed off, I moved into WordPress where I used my skills in HTML and CSS to make the website achieve our goals.

The Final Outcome
The final Mercer Island Farmers Market website was much improved on the older version in terms of feeling more a part of the Mercer Island Farmers Market brand and serving content to the users that would increase attendance to this great community resource. It was easily updatable by the board members as needed, which meant that the content continued to stay fresh as each season of the market progressed.

This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Please upgrade today!