Luna Vineyards

These Mexican folk art wine bottles speak perfectly to their intended audience of 21-30 year olds. They are ideal for a Southern California winery looking to have their bottles pop right off the shelf.

One of the first things I did was to just dive right into the research aspect. I researched my winery, Luna Vineyards from the Napa Valley area in California, and researched the two types of wine that I was designing labels for: Merlot and Pinot Grigio. I learned that Luna Vineyards was a privately family-owned business that really enjoyed making quality wines. Merlot is a very open type wine in that it pairs well with just about everything, making it very popular. Pinot Grigio is a fresh and aromatic wine that pairs well with lighter dishes, especially pastas, seafood, and citrus based dishes. My last step was investigating the existing wine labels that might appeal to a 21-30 age group. I concluded bright colors, irregular label shapes, minimalist design, and labels including humor were best suited to my consumers.

I took inspiration from the name of my winery, Luna Vineyards. A variety of concepts was produced including Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo, art nouveau/Mucha, and outer space imagery. My final idea and the one that I was most drawn to, was that of Mexican folk art. The bizarre imagery and bright colors would make a strong impact on the shelf. I could also make some interesting label shapes with this idea.

In researching Mexican Folk Art, I saw a lot of bright colors, abstract patterns, and strange animals and skeletons. I really wanted to keep following this idea of the bright colors and abstract patterns because I knew it would appeal to my audience and really make my wine bottles leap off the shelf.

Lessons learned:

Research is key! By knowing my demographic and researching what they liked, I was able to design a label that not only appealed to them, but set the wine bottles apart from the others in the store shelves.

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