Zumiez Catalog Design

Hired to be the print-oriented designer for the catalog produced by the web team, I was involved in all aspects of the holiday catalog, including planning, research, inter-department collaboration, and photo editing, design and printing.

Catalog design was a new experience for me, but I very much enjoyed delving into the print world of design, which was my original focus coming out of design school. The Zumiez catalog was a unique challenge as Zumiez itself acts as a reseller for many different brands of apparel and accessories. As such, the overall design had to feel like the Zumiez brand, with individual elements speaking to their individual brands.

The overall catalog design had to have a “holiday” feel to it, without being too kitschy. We used moire dots as a texture element, along with little snowflake “stars” and an evergreen tree icon to achieve this, throughout both the girls section as well as the mens.

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